Thursday, August 13, 2009

Le Lizard Noir

"' Maruo’s vision, existence is evidently one of sexual-being-towards-death. Like Suehiro Maruo’s hideously maimed and blind lovers, humanity always returns to the impulse of its sexuality and the desire/will to orgasm: what Maruo calls “the cosmic gash” of physical love, a gash which also reveals, in a Heideggerian sense, the non-being that is the only certainty of existence. And we should remember that even when love is blind, someone will always be watching.'"
suehiro mauro is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator whose work is characteristically extremely violent, sexual, disturbing, and cryptic. his style is categorized as "ero-guro" which basically means "erotic grotesque." it is really hard to obtain his work outside of Japan, but mauro has a huge cult following nonetheless. (click images to view bigger)

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  1. Goddam fantastic. I'm surprised this guy hasn't penned more manga. My favorite is the last picture here, with the baby stealer and the guy going crazy with the farming implement.