Monday, January 18, 2010

soma bath

Picks for today:
Etsy, Ebay, and 80's Purple
Apologies for the slowdown in posting, school started up again for me so that+working extra+discovering the awesomeness that is Tumblr has distracted me from this. I have managed to dig up a few goodies worth sharing though.

Aubrey Beardsley men's t-shirt (this would look rad bought in a large size and diy shredded. also a well-dressed fella would look pretty hot in one of these. i don't understand why more people don't use Beardsley's art on clothing...)
@ vortextradingcompany

Sweet leather+feather cuff (the pictures aren't the best, but you get the point. the inlays are some kind of silver metallic snakeskin, and the center inlay is a greenish-black shagreen.)

Garnet ring
both @ jungletribe

Virgin Mary pitcher (i think this is totally neat..)
@ brezaun

Ray leather sleeve blazer

Monrow dye stripe tank

Obey meltdown ring

all @ 80's Purple

Monday, January 11, 2010


Winklepickers AKA Pickers AKA Pikes AKA the newest subject of my shoe lust:

Vegan pickers by Ethical Wares, a Wales based cruelty-free accessory and footwear shop.

Badass men's 60's style winklepickers. @ Atom Retro

"Dawn" pickers from Pennangalan

The bummer about it though is that it's near impossible to find winklepickers outside of the U.K. The style is still quite underground in comparison to creepers, which have gained a lot of mainstream popularity in the last couple of years (oh the mysteries of fashion trends..they never cease to surprise). It seems that most of the pairs I looked at sell for under $100, but that calculation is without shipping charges.

Monday, January 4, 2010

mighty in sorrow

Today's picks from the land of Etsy:

Ok, these boots are insanely cool. They're kind of making me want to chop the back of my heel off to squeeze into them, like the one sister does in the original Cinderella tale. Just look at that studding! Perfectly sized (I'm not a fan of giant rounded studs, I think they look dumb), and perfectly burnished. The heel has this cool angled shape to it as well. Get 'em @ ssudionyc

Cute re-worked Steve Madden boots
@ meredithwaterstraat

80's avant garde booties (these look a LOT like a pair of Irregular Choice booties from a couple years ago)
@ jamesrowlandshop

Black leather studded boots w/cutout detail (especially digging those pointy tips)
@ 20twentyvintage

The perfect little pair of distressed harness boots. So good.
@ 20twentyvintage

Riya garment weight spats (from badass Etsy designer Antiseptic Fashion. They do some rad corset and harness work. Definitely check 'em out.)
@ antisepticfashion

Mutated commander bag
Black druzy ring
From Etsy seller Jungle Tribe. I love this shop, its run by two twin brothers who make awesome apocalyptic/tribal leathergoods and jewelry.
@ jungletribe

Vintage silver ring with purple crystal
@ lanter

Portable shrine with scapular and religious medals (I think this thing is totally neat. If I had money to just toss around buying rad little vintage knicknacks all the time I would snatch this up right quick.)
@ glamaroni

Saturday, January 2, 2010

dream shoe collection


I am dying over these seriously ridiculous and amazing vintage deathrock boots I found on Etsy. Of course they're in U.S. size 6, which is a good 3 sizes too small for me. Bummer, but any spooky girl with tiny feet better snatch these up quick!
@ houseofvice