Monday, January 11, 2010


Winklepickers AKA Pickers AKA Pikes AKA the newest subject of my shoe lust:

Vegan pickers by Ethical Wares, a Wales based cruelty-free accessory and footwear shop.

Badass men's 60's style winklepickers. @ Atom Retro

"Dawn" pickers from Pennangalan

The bummer about it though is that it's near impossible to find winklepickers outside of the U.K. The style is still quite underground in comparison to creepers, which have gained a lot of mainstream popularity in the last couple of years (oh the mysteries of fashion trends..they never cease to surprise). It seems that most of the pairs I looked at sell for under $100, but that calculation is without shipping charges.


  1. ooooo!!!!! i love those winklepickers!

  2. Apparently my hand is popular via tumblr. Any how, more recently I've been frequenting yours like there's no tomorrow.

    x's, China L.

  3. robyn-
    i know, aren't they the greatest?? i can't wait to get a pair....

    yes it is making the rounds for sure :] i hope you don't mind me using it, i just loved the to know the person attached to it as well. stoked you're liking my stuff! what's the name of your tumblr so i can make sure to follow you if i'm not already?

  4. hah! i was going to use those hands as my avatar on google. its just a cool picture with nice symmetry, and symbolism.
    also that second pair of pickers from the top are lovely. i want em!