Thursday, October 8, 2009

do you feel dark?

Picks for today:

Lip-Service wax coated denim skirt
@ Iris Noir

Lace Skirt by Opening Ceremony
@ Opening Ceremony

Lip-Service Black & Blue Ballerinas layered dress

Lip-Service Blacklist Core sateen corset

@ Lip-Service

Lip-Service Bat Seducer jacket (I like the purple one myself)

Lip-Service dagger cap sleeve top

Lip-Service Devil Dolls halter bodice
@ Iris Noir

Folter black slashed spandex t's

Christian Death "Atrocities" tee

Death in June tee

Bauhaus "She's In Parties" tee
Sisters of Mercy "Damaged" tee
Joy Division "Ideal for Living" tee
Sisters of Mercy "Anaconda" tee
@ Ipso Facto

Yeah they're all mens t-shirts. That's because I hatehatehate those crappy "girly" fit tees. They remind me too much of middle school. Its much more fun to buy a small or medium sized guys tee and diy it yourself. I like to use this tutorial I found on the Free People blog:

Leather panel leggings by Black Market Baby
@ Etsy: Black Market Baby

Mercury Pendant

Double Interwoven pentagram pendant

badass mystical resin skull:
a house can never have too many decorative skulls lying around

@ Cyber Moon

Diva's Reign sequin gloves

@ Heavy Red

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