Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I'm just gonna go ahead and pretend it hasn't been months since the last time I updated this thing. Let's get on with our regularly scheduled programming:

Picks for today:

Witchy 90's lace crop top
(I almost don't want to include the link for this because I want it for myself, but I shouldn't be spending any more money on clothes right now so I'll let someone else have a chance.)

Russian criminal tattoo graphic leggings
(These are really neat, the chick prints the graphics on American Apparel leggings so you can expect at least ok quality material. Plus she gives you the option of customizing the prints by choosing from a small selection of various tattoo graphics she provides. Cool idea!)

Made-to-measure black corset pants
(Really cute, and at $110 they're priced pretty well for a made-to-measure item. Also they're made from a rayon/spandex blend meaning they're soft and wouldn't stretch out like a cotton jersey legging.)

Bunch o' stars chain ear cuff set
(Real cute, handmade, and only $8.75)

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