Thursday, February 25, 2010


Picks for today:
(And yeah, I've been gone for ages. Life really can really get in the way of blogging sometimes ya know???)


Minkpink Velvet Underground stretch velvet mini (I'm all about 90's style crushed velvet. It really is classic.)

Bella lace top

Factory by Erik Hart Fang Tails tee (The shoulder strap is essential. low cut garments have a tendency to fall off the shoulders, especially when they're made of drapey fabrics like this modal here. the strap keeps that from happening, which is a nice touch)

Cowl neck striped cardigan

Faux shearling jacket

Corset tie leggings

Jeffrey Campbell Pixie wedges (I don't think I'll be able to take these off my mind until I have them. They're just too perfect. I hate that I always get a pair of shoes stuck in my head and I obsess until finally they're out of stock everywhere and usually I'll never end up getting them because I'm always poor. *sigh*)

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