Sunday, March 21, 2010

the man with the x-ray eyes

So I've been absent for a while. Finals this quarter sucked, but now they're over and I get to relax for a couple weeks. Woohoo! Then its my final quarter and I'll be graduated from FIDM ready to do whatever I can with this degree I earned.
Anyhoodle, I got my hair cut last week and am loving it. If you're ever in San Francisco and are hankerin' for a haircut, go to my friend Matthew at Oxenrose salon. He knows his shit when it comes to hair as well as being a badass, really friendly dude.
Its lighter now, I've been trying to get lavender hair but bleaching the reddish tones left over from my previous dyejobs has been a bitch.
Also here's a couple pics of my Death In June t-shirt that I shredded. Just an xtra large mens t, then I followed childhoodflames's tutorial for t-shirt shredding and that was that. Super easy and I get asked about it all the time. People are just mystified by it.

Picks for today:
"I'm Going to Heaven" necklace
@ thechainsoflove

Carved amethyst ring
@ zulasurfing

Motor riding boots (I'd be all over these if they weren't size 8)
@ zulasurfing

Slouchy vintage Capezio cowboy boots

Granny ankle boots
@ girlleastlikely

Motorcycle style bodycon dress
@ violetavintage

Beaded silk shawl
@ musiccityvintage

Black lacy oversized cardigan
@ dead_hair

Klaus Nomi button set
@ jen7252

Octopus ear cuff
@ martymagic

Serpent star earrings
@ pagantreasures


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