Thursday, September 24, 2009

black planet

Have I mentioned how much I love Etsy? Its so much more fun to browse through than Ebay and you're more likely to find better deals on things that would cost tons more on Ebay. Everything in this post was found on Etsy. Many of these items are one of a kind so once they get bought they're gone for good.

90's black lace crop top (long sleeve stretch lace tops are the best)80's/90's black lace bustier dress (ok so yeah I'm a little obsessed with black stretch lace if you haven't noticed by now)

Vintage sheer maxi dress (how cute would this be with super chunky boots? I love that its see-through which means you can change up the look of it by wearing different slips underneath)

80's flygirl cotton jacket (Urban Outfitters only wishes it could capture this kind of radness)

Best part of all these is that they're all $50 or less. Score!
via A Love Bizarre

80's denim lace up skirt (perfect with a tank bodysuit and some pixie boots)
via Sussudio Vintage

Vintage skull necklace
Vintage demon cross necklace (I kind of dig this, although I'd get rid of those rhinestones since that kind of kills the whole spooky vibe)

via Lanter

I found a great shop that's a veritable goldmine of vintage religious jewelry. I can't tell you how long I've scoured Ebay for crucifixes and rosary's and never found anything really cool. But this shop has tons of old old pendants and things all for extremely reasonable prices.

Art Nouveau antique crucifix

Antique rosary crucifix

Vintage four way cross pendant

Vintage four way cross pendant

via Glamaroni

A couple housewares that I thought were neat:

Antique jewelry box c. 1900
via Wicked Darling

Cherub wall plaque
via Marla's Curious Crafts and Oddities

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