Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the real estate must be pretty high on leg avenue

Felt like doing a post on leggings. I like leggings if worn the right way (as in not with just an oversize t-shirt and high heels like how 95% of girls think is ok to do). I attempted to find some nice ones in the below $50 range which was not too easy considering leggings these days are priced so ludicrously expensive.

ASOS wet look leggings

ASOS stirrup leggings

Mango metallic snake print leggings

All via ASOS

Costume Dept. hibiscus flower lace leggings

Via revolveclothing

Fred Flare liquid lame legging

Via fredflare

Now for my exorbitantly priced picks:

Black Milk liquid leggings (sooo...shinyy...)

Blac Milk suspender leggings (I can't help it, I love how hot 'n slutty these are. I would totally sport them.)

Black Milk lace up leggings
so I kind of dig these but not enough to even come close to being ok with paying $250 for them. I know I can find something similar and a lot cheaper on the internets somewhere...

All via blackmilkclothing


Shiny lace up leggings from stripperwear site musotica
similar, cute, and only $24.

Etc., etc..

Gestuz acid wash dress

Costume Dept. fringe shirt

A. Y. Not Dead hand print tee (I really like this for some reason. I think its cute.)

A. Y. Not Dead eye in the triangle drop armhole tank (I like this one even more though.)

Mystical evil eye necklaces

Silver cross earrings (at only 1.99 I think I may have to get myself a pair soon.)

Black glass pearl necklace. 90" long

All via girlprops


  1. Noticed your tags said "evil eye" that symbol is not at all an evil eye. It's the All Seeing Eye of Horus.

    Read your books and learn your tricks, please.

    Hipsters are destroying all things sacred. Thanks guys.

  2. you are completely right about one of the necklaces being the eye of horus, but the two above that particular one (the triangle and the red circle) are evil eye charms, much like the traditional greek "mal de ojo."

    so I'm terribly sorry for not placing a distinction between the evil eye necklaces and the horus eye, I suppose the difference just wasn't obvious enough for you.