Sunday, September 13, 2009


i guess stormy weather brings out likewise attitudes in people...can't sleep, so here's something i feel is more productive than facebooking until i pass out:

OHGODOHGOD I FOUND IT FINALLY!! must....have...Sophomore NYC Heather's tee ASAP! AHHH! i feel bad things may happen if i don't get my hands on this before its sold out. Heather's is pretty much my favorite movie next to Big Trouble in Little China and i couldn't believe my eyes when i first saw this on it makes me die a little inside to see that its $75.00, but fuck, there's not much to be done about that. she will be mine, oh yes..she will be mine. (sauce: blue&cream)

also, this cotton dress is too perfect for words. just look at the seaming, and that leather trimmed collar...glorious. $280 at blue&cream.
how amazing would that dress look with these Elizabeth & James wedges?

fucking amazing is right. i'm not usually one for suede but i gotta say i dig it in this form. $375 at

i really want one of these metal pins from ebay seller master commando. i've had my eye on the Bathory one for months but i haven't gotten it yet. its out of stock right now but it'll be back.

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