Thursday, September 10, 2009

snakeskin jacket

it's been way too long since I last wrote anything here, but school tends to have a way of eating up most of the downtime in my life once finals roll around :[ but that's pretty much alllloovvver now for a good 3 weeks, and I can finally get back to this here bloggy type thing! woohoo!

I bought a couple new things on Ebay recently, namely a dress, new boots, and some special effects hairdye in BLOOD RED (bahaha). I'm stoked cause they were all really good finds. I love getting something super rad off Ebay for cheap, its the best. I had to fight for the boots though which wasn't as fun, although I did get kind of an adrenaline rush out of it :] It kills me to browse through Ebay though because there's so much good stuff out there and I just can't afford to constantly buy crap for myself. for example:
this rad vintage biker t-shirt. gotta love that bony hand and old english-y type font.
these two bodysuits got me all hot and bothered too. i have a bit of an obsession with 80's bodysuits and these two are totally cute.
I also love vintage slips. I have quite a collection I've made over the years and wear most all of them regularly. I always check out the lingerie section when I go shopping somewhere that has vintage goodies. I like this one particularly because well its black, the bodice is lace, and it has underwire.
this is the dress I just got. its a cotton/spandex blend so its super stretchy and tight. its vintage Energie, probably from the late 80's/early 90's. i totally dig the bodycon style of it with the boned cups and super short skirt, plus the knot adds some visual interest. its really short on me, but it has attached knickers inside which is actually nice so i don't have to worry about flashing my undercarrige to anyone undeserving.

other obsession besides bodysuits: Laura Dern's wardrobe in Wild At Heart. I just fucking can't get enough of all that lace and spandex! she's just too cute in that movie, i love her crimped hair and long red nails. perfect.

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